SBO REPORT:What’s next for Mookie Betts?

SBO REPORT:What’s next for Mookie Betts?


Since his third promotion the big  sbo  league, Mookie Betts has found success at the plate. Given the surplus of outfielders on the Red Sox roster, Betts’ future with the organization remains murky.

When the Red Sox decided to go out and sign Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo, the ripple effects were much greater than the impact on the lineup. Following the team’s trade deadline acquisitions, the Red Sox now have a collection of players that could fill two at least starting outfields at the major league with Yoenis Cespedes, Allen Craig, Castillo, Jackie Bradley, Shane Victorino, Daniel Nava, Brock Holt and  sbo  Mookie Betts.

Betts’ situation is among the team’s most interesting storylines for the remainder of the season. Given the recent success of Betts and the overcrowded outfield situation, where the 21-year-old fits in the team’s plan moving forward is a predicament that is still very much up in the air.

Betts clearly has the talent and potential to be a very good major league baseball player. His recent success at the plate — highlighted by his first career grand slam — only further emphasizes that point. In his short stint in the majors, Betts has displayed the lightning-quick bat speed, athleticism and gap-to-gap power that lead his meteoric rise up top prospect charts  sbo . At the same time, the Nashville native has been learning the intricacies of playing the outfield at the major league level.

There are still questions about Betts, most notably which position he is going to play at the major league level. The potential, however, is still incredibly high with Betts. This point is only further highlighted by comments made by Ben Badler of Baseball America on The Adam Jones Show on 98.5 The Sports Hub.
Betts himself does not even know the answer regarding where he will be playing next year, whether that means positionally or geographically. The team’s long-term commitment to Castillo led Betts to believe that he could be traded in the offseason, according to a source. Publicly, Betts said that he does not worry about what position   sbo he will be playing next year.
“You have to focus on the task at hand, and that’s the game today. Now I’m playing center field. Tomorrow it might be somewhere else.

“I have no idea what they’re going to do. If [Castillo's] a center fielder, that’s fine. Wherever they put me is where they put me.”

Unless the team decides to make a drastic trade in the offseason with either Cespedes or Craig, it would appear that Betts is the odd man out in the outfield. With second base occupied by Dustin Pedroia, Betts is seemingly out of a position with the Red Sox for 2015.

Moving Betts to shortstop simply would not be ideal. While Betts came out of high school at the position, he was   sbo moved off the position because he simply did not have the arm required to play the position, similar to how Dustin Pedroia was moved to second base early in his minor league career. Moving Bogaerts to third and placing Betts at shortstop simply would not make sense.

Given the uncertainty of third base with the lack of stability from Will Middlebrooks and company, the position could be a place where the team begins to think about getting Betts some repetitions. There are, however, a couple of roadblocks that could prevent him from making the switch over to the hot corner. At 5-foot-9, Betts is small for third base, a position where the average player is around six feet tall. This proposition, however, has yet to have been brought up yet to Betts.

Betts’ bat would not profile as the typical third baseman, but the  sbo  Red Sox don’t have many internal options and the free agent market is highlighted by Aramis Ramirez, Chase Headley and Pablo Sandoval.


SBO REPORT:WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (Aug. 29, 2014): Mailing it in

SBO REPORT:WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (Aug. 29, 2014): Mailing it in


While watching last night’s episode  sbobet  of Friday Night SmackDown, which emanated from Ontario, California, (check out full results here) I wrestled with an oddly familiar feeling. Not for the program itself, but rather the idea that those in charge of writing for it did something every writer tasked with creating content on a consistent basis has done at one time or another.

They mailed it in.

I’ve been writing for this very site for just over three years now, and in that time I’ve been referred to — and this was an insult, mind you — as a “one man content farm”. Essentially, things happen in pro wrestling and I write about those things so you, dear readers, can read about them. I do this so much that I’m left with little time to craft a  sbobet  truly great piece of writing.

I’m too busy telling you about Hulk Hogan and the “major bitch” that comes up when discussing another match, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This was in my head throughout this entire episode of SmackDown. Nothing presented here felt truly inspired. It felt rushed, as though little to no planning or preparation went into it. Like they know that we know it’s the lesser product compared to WWE’s flagship program, Raw, so it was written as such.

This is a problem, of course, because I can only churn out so many posts about Hogan being upset about Austin, or Paul Heyman selling a match, or the latest episode of The JBL & Cole Show. It’s why  sbobet  I hired talented writers like Hulk Holland, who drops in with a well thought out and even better executed piece every Tuesday and Thursday night. It’s why I gave Sean Rueter a raise and expanded his role. Because while they may not be in a position to rise up and overthrow me (easy on the mutiny, fellas), they absolutely challenge me to do better.

I don’t have a ready made solution to this problem for WWE. But SmackDown has become nothing more than a “B” show because WWE has all but openly acknowledged it as such. The problem is there doesn’t appear to be any rush to change that, and make no mistake it does need to change. Moving to Thursday night and presenting a tired rehash of Raw or uninspired angles will do nothing to fend off the far more difficult   sbobet competition the show will face on its new night.

Would I rather watch a football game or Big Show and Mark Henry lumbering to the ring to save Roman Reigns from a predictable beat down from The Wyatt Family after an even more predictable disqualification finish to his singles match with Bray Wyatt?

SmackDown can no longer be the show the writers mail it in for because ‘hey, we’ve got the Friday night viewers anyway, let’s gear up for Raw’. Where’s the competitive fire the leader of WWE, Vince McMahon, is so famous for?


SBO REPORT:Japan’s ‘Golden Bolt’: 103-year-old challenges world’s fastest man

SBO REPORT:Japan’s ‘Golden Bolt’: 103-year-old challenges world’s fastest man


Closing in on his 104th birthday, a  sbo  twinkle-toed Japanese sprinter has thrown down the challenge to the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt, telling him: “let’s rumble!”

Hidekichi Miyazaki — who holds the 100 metres world record for centenarians at 29.83 seconds and is dubbed ‘Golden Bolt’ after the Jamaican flyer — plans to wait another five years for his dream race and was happy to reveal his secret weapon: his daughter’s tangerine jam.

“I’d love to race Bolt,” the wispy-haired Miyazaki told AFP in an interview after tottering over the line with a joyful whoop at a recent Japan Masters Athletics  sbo  competition in Kyoto.

“I’m keeping the dream alive. I try to stay in top shape and stay disciplined and healthy. That’s important for everyone — even Usain Bolt.”

Born in 1910 — the year Japan annexed Korea and when the Titanic was still under construction — the pint-sized Miyazaki offered some dietary tips to Bolt, whose world record is 9.58 seconds.

“My body is small so I take care of what I eat,” said Miyazaki, who stands just 1.53 metres (five feet) tall and weighs in at 42 kilograms (92 pounds).

“When I eat, I chew each  sbo  mouthful 30 times before swallowing,” he added, loosening his Usain Bolt running shoes. “That makes my tummy happy and helps my running. And I eat my tangerine jam every day.”

In a country with one of the world’s highest life expectancies, Miyazaki is the poster boy for Japan’s turbo-charged geriatrics.

Some 6,000 pensioners are registered at the Masters federation which hosts more than 40 track and field meetings every year across the nation.

Serenaded by buzzing cicadas in sweltering heat, Miyazaki fell into  sbo  the arms of 73-year-old daughter Kiyono after clocking 38.35 — more than 20 seconds behind race winner Yoshio Kita, a relative spring chicken at 82.

“I’d give myself five out of 10 for that,” he said after regaining his breath and copying Bolt’s trademark ‘lightning’ pose. “Before I ran I curled up for a little nap — big mistake! I felt stiff.

“I’m still young so it’s a learning process,” joked Miyazaki, grinning from ear to ear as he put on a straw hat. “I can run for another five years.”

- Late bloomer -

Miyazaki, who hails from tea-growing Shizuoka prefecture, about 200 kilometres southwest of Tokyo, was a late bloomer, only taking up running at the age of 92 after watching an old people’s sports day broadcast on television.

Having become the planet’s  sbo  fastest centenarian in 2010, he now has his sights on another milestone in the unlikely 105-109 age group category.

“That’s what I’m training for,” said Miyazaki, who loses valuable seconds at the start of races because he can’t hear the gun go off.

“It’s my birthday next month and that’s my next goal.”

He need only cross the finish line to set the new world record as no official mark exists in that age class.

As Miyazaki left the track, 85-year-old Mitsue Tsuji tossed a shot put 4.73 metres — this after she had set a mark of 2.07 metres in the long jump. Not content, she set a meet record of 13.85 in the women’s 60 metres sprint.

“I started doing athletics when I was 81,” she said. “My husband  sbo  had passed away and I thought there was no point moping around at home alone.”

Tsuji will join Miyazaki at next month’s Asia Masters championships in northeast Japan.

“I had a bit of a fall last year and was going to skip it,” said Tsuji, who credits power naps for her age-defying stamina.

“But my son told me I might not live much longer so I’ll do as I’m told. I’ll keep going as long as I’m around.”

As the pair tore it up with the other high-fiving grannies and granddads in Kyoto, 78-year-old endurance runner Yoko Nakano pounded the streets in Tokyo, preparing for her latest world record tilt.

- ‘Too stubborn to quit’ -

Nakano ran her first full marathon at 70 “for fun” while vacationing in Honolulu — clocking four hours, four minutes, 44 seconds — and now holds the world record for 75 to 79-year-olds, as well as  sbo  those for the 3,000 and 5,000 metres.

“We were on holiday so I thought we might as well run,” she smiled, perched on a tree stump in a canary yellow T-shirt and polka dot scarf. Her world marathon mark now stands at 3:53.42.

The bespectacled Nakano, whose has also run marathons in New York and Boston, bounced back from stomach surgery last year, building her post-op fitness by walking up and down the hospital corridors.

“I walked about seven kilometres a day inside the hospital,” she said. “I guess I’m too stubborn to quit.”

Miyazaki, who is also handy with a shot put, gave an insight into his need for speed.

“I make sure not to use my brain,” he said. “I always keep it empty and   sbo uncluttered. That’s important.”


SBO REPORT:As Easy a Schedule As LSU Will Ever Get

SBO REPORT:As Easy a Schedule As LSU Will Ever Get


LSU kicks off the season against   sbobet a ranked team and legitimate contender for the Big Ten title. The schedule includes five games against teams ranked in the preseason polls, including a game against the defending SEC champions and BCSCG participant on the road.

It is perhaps the easiest schedule LSU has had in a decade, and a great opportunity for the Tigers to take advantage. LSU can have a great year and contend for the title, aided by its schedule.

LSU trades a road game with Georgia for a home game against Kentucky  sbobet  in conference play. Meanwhile, the two other top contenders for the West title saw their conference slates get more difficult: Alabama trades Kentucky for Florida, and Auburn goes from Tennessee to South Carolina.

Tiger fans spend a lot of time fretting over scheduling, and there’s a good reason for that: scheduling matters. It’s a lot easier to navigate the toughest conference in college football if you don’t have to play any of the contenders in the opposite division. A team’s cross-divisional schedule can make all the difference between playing in Atlanta on the first weekend of December and playing in Atlanta on New Year’s Eve.

Well, this is one of those rare years in which the Scheduling Gods favor LSU. LSU’s conference   sbobet schedule is objectively easier than both of the Alabama schools. This is not a year to look forward to the future, the schedule lines up now. There’s no telling when we’ll get this perfect storm again.

Heck, the schedule is even appropriately backloaded, helping out a young team to figure itself out before it gets into the meat of the schedule. Wisconsin is a difficult season opener, but Miles has always done well with a big first game to get his charges focused not just for the season at hand, but to come straight out of the gates. It’s hard sometimes to focus on the nebulous concept of “the season”, but it is easy to focus on playing Wisconsin.

It’s also a fairly low stakes game, in the grand scheme of things. If LSU  sbobet  drops this game, it is not like it impacts LSU’s SEC title chances in the least. This isn’t quite like A&M, who not only has a tough game right off the bat, but a tough conference game.

After the season opener, LSU plays three tomato cans and Mississippi State. State has one of their best teams in years, but LSU will still be a convincing favorite. The month of September is a time for LSU to figure out its best starting 11 on each side of the ball, and forge its identity. By the time the calendar flips to October, LSU could be 5-0 and ranked in the top 10.

The biggest test of the season comes in those first two weekends in October: at Auburn and at Florida. LSU will find out in a span of eight days exactly what this team is made of. However, they will have been given a month to essentially prep for that stretch. And as far as brutal stretches in the SEC go, two straight road games against Auburn and Florida doesn’t exactly rate  sbobet . Everyone in the conference has a similar stretch. Bama plays four road games in six weeks, and their one home game is against a preseason top 25 team. Auburn alternates its road games, but has a slate of South Carolina, Ole Miss, A&M, and finally Georgia without a bye. No one gets an easy trek. Two straight road games against very good teams is hard, but it doesn’t make LSU special. Not this year.

LSU then gets byes before its two biggest games in November, Alabama and A&M. Playing on Thanksgiving is going to suck, but LSU doesn’t have to worry about a short week.

This schedule is as easy as an LSU schedule is ever going to get. If LSU is going to contend for the division this year, it will need all of the help it can get. Finally, we got it from the league office. LSU has no excuses. If this team doesn’t win the division, it will simply be because it was not good enough. For the first time in a long while,   sbobet LSU is not playing a rigged game.


SBO REPORT:Crisp scores on wild pitch as A’s beat Angels 2-1

SBO REPORT:Crisp scores on wild pitch as A’s beat Angels 2-1


The Oakland Athletics are hardly  sbo  relishing being back in a first-place tie with the rival Los Angeles Angels.

Both clubs know this division race is far from over, with five meetings remaining before August ends and another three in late September. And with a margin of error so slim, one miscue might be the difference.

Coco Crisp scored the go-ahead run on Joe Smith’s wild pitch with two outs in the eighth inning, and the A’s beat the Angels 2-1 on Saturday night to move into   sbo a share of the lead atop the AL West.

“We can’t get caught up in the standings or the playoff picture,” closer Sean Doolittle said.

Luke Gregerson (3-2) pitched a perfect eighth, and Doolittle finished for his 20th save. The closer felt something in his right side nearer to his back, but was able to go through some twisting exercises and other postgame tests with no problem. He doesn’t consider it serious.

The division co-leaders (76-52) have the most wins in baseball. The Angels lost their fifth straight game this season   sbo at the Oakland Coliseum.

Smith (5-2) threw wildly to pinch-hitter Brandon Moss moments after plunking Derek Norris.

On Monday in Boston, the Angels moved into sole possession of the division’s top spot for the first time since May 15, 2011. Losing the first two games of this series has things all tied up again.

Jon Lester and C.J. Wilson had a nice pitchers’ duel but left with no-decisions in a tie game.

Lester struck out seven in seven innings, including Mike Trout three   sbo times as the slugger’s five-game home run streak at the Coliseum was snapped.

Lester bounced back from his first defeat in nearly 2 1/2 months and first since joining the A’s from Boston at the trade deadline. The lefty threw a combined 18 pitches in the fifth and sixth innings, 14 for strikes. He then allowed three straight hits in the seventh, including a double by Howie Kendrick and Erick Aybar’s RBI single that made it 1-1.

The A’s have struck out Trout three or more times in one game six times for his career, most by any team.

“Maybe we were able to get him off his game a little bit, get him frustrated and to swing at bad pitches,” Lester said.

Lester was helped by a  sbo  nice play from left fielder Craig Gentry in the seventh. David Freese hit a leadoff single off the wall and headed toward second as Gentry quickly retrieved the ball and threw him out.

Wilson allowed one run on five hits, struck out three and walked three in 6 1-3 innings.

“The A’s do a lot of things well. They pitch well and they have a good bullpen. It was another close game and we didn’t get a couple of things done,” Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. “We have to keep moving forward.”

Scioscia challenged in the third that Albert Pujols beat out an infield hit rather than recording the third out. The call was overturned in 2 minutes, 4 seconds, and ruled a single.

In the sixth, umpires went to review again on a challenge by A’s manager Bob Melvin. He believed Josh Donaldson, who held up briefly at second, was safe at home on a headfirst slide in which he reached to touch the plate with his left hand as  sbo  catcher Chris Iannetta tried to tag him. The ruling stood after 3:40.

The crew chief then reviewed Sam Fuld’s caught stealing in the seventh, per Melvin’s request. The ruling was confirmed in 1:05.


Los Angeles 3B Gordon Beckham joined his new team, two days after being acquired by the Angels from the White Sox for a player to be named or cash. He earned a start and batted ninth, going 0 for 3 with a pair of called third strikes.

“Gordon will help in a lot of ways,” Scioscia said. “Hopefully he’ll give us depth at some key positions.”

The Angels optioned RHP Cam Bedrosian to Triple-A Salt Lake.


Athletics: More should be known   sbo about Doolittle’s status Sunday. … An MRI exam revealed 1B Kyle Blanks has tendinitis in his left Achilles tendon. He had pain in both feet and his lower legs while on a rehab assignment. “He’s going to be shut down for a while,” Melvin said.


SBO REPORT:Gomes, Holt rally Indians in 7-5 win over Twins

SBO REPORT:Gomes, Holt rally Indians in 7-5 win over Twins


Tyler Holt arrived at Target Field 25  sbo  minutes before the first pitch. The Cleveland Indians’ rookie had a quick bite to eat, took a few swings in the batting cage and then got the biggest hit of his young career.

Yan Gomes had three hits including a home run, Holt hit a go-ahead two-run double in the sixth inning, and Cleveland rallied to beat the Minnesota Twins 7-5 on Tuesday night.

Holt thought he might enter the game in the seventh or eighth inning. Instead, Indians bench coach Brad Mills fetched Holt from the batting cage in the sixth and told him he was pinch-hitting for Chris Dickerson.

”I didn’t have any time to think or get ready,” said Holt, now on his fourth stint with Cleveland this season. ”I just threw on some gloves. Luckily, I didn’t have  sbo  time to think. I’d probably strike out or something.”

With two outs in the sixth, Holt doubled home Gomes and Lonnie Chisenhall for his first two career RBIs. The line drive to right-center came off reliever Brian Duensing (3-3) and gave the Indians a 6-5 lead.

Michael Bourn singled home Holt to make it a two-run game.

Oswaldo Arcia homered in his third straight game for Minnesota, capping a five-run first where Joe Mauer and Kennys Vargas also drove in runs.

However, Indians starter Trevor Bauer settled down and retired the next 14 batters before coming out for Kyle Crockett (3-0), who got the final out in the fifth and one in the sixth.

Cody Allen – the last of seven  sbo  Indians relievers to appear in the game – pitched the ninth for his 16th save in 17 chances.

Gomes homered in the second and Zach Walters’ two-run single cut Minnesota’s lead to 5-3 in the fourth.

Arcia’s three-run homer was his fifth in his last seven games and 13th this season, one shy of his 2013 rookie total.

Minnesota starter Kyle Gibson allowed five runs in 5 1-3 innings and bounced a two-out, two-strike wild pitch in the fifth that allowed Bourn to score and make it 5-4.

”I don’t know if I just wasn’t as aggressive or what, but I definitely didn’t do a very good job of pitching with the lead tonight,” Gibson said.

Adding to Holt’s chaotic day, his cab driver from the airport didn’t know  sbo  how to get to Target Field.

”These guys battle until the 27th out,” Holt said about the Indians, winners of six of their last eight. ”It’s not a surprise that they came back. Luckily I got the opportunity to come through.”


Indians manager Terry Francona was playing matchups with the steady stream of relievers who managed to hold Minnesota scoreless. The bullpen looked at it as a challenge to come up big after the offense rallied.

”We thrive off of that,” Allen said. ”The offense gave us a chance to get back in the game and then we had to come through.”


Indians: 1B Nick Swisher had his injured right knee examined by a specialist in California, and Francona said the team would provide an update on his condition Wednesday. Also, the Indians placed   sbo OF Ryan Raburn on the DL before the game, recalling OF Holt from Triple-A Columbus to take his place. Raburn has been bothered all season by a sore right wrist that he aggravated last week while making a diving catch. The decision was made after Raburn took early batting practice.

”You know what, man?” Francona said he told him. ”Let’s calm this thing down.” The manager hoped Raburn could start a rehab assignment before he’s eligible to be activated.

Twins: General manager Terry Ryan ruled out a return this year for RHP Mike Pelfrey, who has been out since making his fifth start in early May, first because of a groin problem and then an elbow injury that required surgery. Pelfrey has resumed playing catch, but time is running out on the season.

”We’ll start him fresh next year and he’ll be a piece of spring training, but I don’t see any reason why we ought to push that.” Pelfrey is under contract for $5.5   sbo million in 2015, but the competition for rotation spots will be crowded.


SBO REPORT:Clowney makes impact in Texans’ 32-7 win

SBO REPORT:Clowney makes impact in Texans’ 32-7 win


Jadeveon Clowney is already   sbobet  showing how dominant he can be in the NFL.

The top overall pick in the draft made big hits behind the line on consecutive plays and Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a touchdown pass to DeVier Posey in the Texans’ 32-7 win over the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday night.

Houston selected Clowney out of South Carolina to form a powerful 1-2 pass-rushing attack with J.J. Watt. Watt sat out Saturday’s game and Clowney seized the defensive spotlight on Atlanta’s second series.

He burst through the line untouched and crashed into Antone Smith  sbobet  almost the second the running back took a handoff from Matt Ryan. On the next snap, Clowney whipped around left tackle Sam Baker and smacked down Ryan for a 7-yard loss.

”It’s work,” Clowney said. ”You just got to work and get after the guys, go hard and hope for something good. You just have to do your job.”

Jonathan Grimes returned a blocked punt for a touchdown and Andre Hal returned an interception 64 yards for another score for the Texans (1-1), who were significantly better than they were in a 32-0 loss to Arizona last week.

Clowney set the tone for the turnaround performance.

”When a guy makes a defensive play that’s a big hit, it really lights up your sideline,” Texans coach Bill O’Brien said.

The Falcons (1-1), meanwhile, have plenty to fix and may have taken a huge blow on their offensive line. Baker left on   sbobet  a cart in the second quarter with a right knee injury and Atlanta coach Mike Smith didn’t know the severity after Saturday’s game.

Baker started 16 games in 2012, but played in just four games last season because of a left knee injury that required surgery in November.

Ryan went 3 for 7 in a quarter and a half of work and wide receiver Julio Jones caught two passes in his first live-game action since he broke his right foot in Week 5 last season. The Falcons finished with 248 yards and 19 first downs.

”We just had a few plays here and there that kind of got off schedule, and when you do that against a good defense it’s tough to overcome those  sbobet  mistakes,” Ryan said. ”We had opportunities to make plays, we just didn’t make them.”

Fitzpatrick completed 9 of 12 passes for the Texans, guiding the offense much more smoothly than he did against the Cardinals. O’Brien said Fitzpatrick’s performance carried over from a strong week at practice.

”He’s getting more and more comfortable with the system and he went out there and played a good game for our team,” O’Brien said.

He went 3 for 5 and had a 10-yard scramble on Houston’s initial scoring drive and rookie Alfred Blue, a sixth-round pick from LSU, finished it with runs of 10, 3 and 1 yard to put the Texans in front.

Sean Renfree replaced Ryan  sbobet  with 6:20 left in the first half and led the Falcons on an 11-play, 66-yard touchdown drive. Renfree, competing with T.J. Yates for the backup job behind Ryan, found Devin Hester on a 12-yard pass with 1:32 left for the tying score.

Rookie Tom Savage played one series before Fitzpatrick returned to lead the Texans in the final 90 seconds before halftime. Fitzpatrick had a 15-yard scramble and then connected with Keshawn Martin for a 31-yard gain to the Falcons 15.

A Falcons’ penalty moved the ball to the Atlanta 8, and Fitzpatrick avoided the rush to his right before finding Posey in the back of the end zone with 19 seconds left.

Case Keenum, competing with Savage for the backup role behind Fitzpatrick, started the second half for the Texans and guided a drive to the Atlanta 22   sbobet  before Kemal Ishmael intercepted him near the goal line.

Houston’s special teams and defense took over from there.

Anthony Denham blocked Matt Bosher’s punt from the end zone, and Grimes scooped up the loose ball and ran 17 yards for a score.

Yates played the fourth quarter under constant pressure, and tried a futile tackle attempt on Hal’s return. Matt Bullough also intercepted Yates, setting up a 33-yard field goal by Chris Boswell.


SBO REPORT:Jimmy Hart talks about ‘Sexy Boy,’ his proudest accomplishment

SBO REPORT:Jimmy Hart talks about ‘Sexy Boy,’ his proudest accomplishment


“The Mouth of the South” has had a long  sbo  and illustrious career in both music and professional wrestling. He talked to SB Nation about the piece of music he’s most proud of: Shawn Michaels’ entrance music.

Before embarking on a career as a pro wrestling manager in Memphis, WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart had a top-five hit as a member of The Gentrys. Even after getting into pro wrestling full-time, Hart never gave up music. He penned quite a number of well-known wrestling entrance themes, including iconic tunes for the Honky Tonk Man,   sbo Jimmy Snuka, the Rockers, the Mountie and Dusty Rhodes’ “American Dream” theme.

I sat down with Hart on Friday morning and asked him, of all his musical accomplishments both in and out of wrestling, which one is he the proudest of? The answer came quickly. “Probably ‘Sexy Boy,’ [for] Shawn Michaels, doing that. Because he’s always kept it alive.”

That much is true. Since the debut of “Sexy Boy” in Feb. 1992 (sung by Sherri Martel early on, then most famously by Michaels himself and a must-listen demo with 80s saxophone, sung by none other than Vince McMahon), Michaels has only ever departed from using the theme during his occasional runs in D-Generation X. That’s a full   sbo 20-plus years of Michaels insisting he’s not your boy toy. The track was co-written by Hart, WWE music guru Jim Johnston and J.J. Maguire.

“[Michaels] told me a story,” Hart continued his tale. “When he took time off [in 1998] and then came back [in 2002], [WWE asked him], ‘Hey, do you want to change your music and do heavier?’ And he said, ‘No. I came in with this song and I want to go out with it.’ So that was an honor for us. It’s still one of the most played songs around. It just lasted ever since [Shawn started his singles career].”

Hart said the song came easily to him and Maguire, because they’re lucky enough to be around the wrestlers and   sbo get a feel for their personalities and mannerisms before writing the themes. For example, when they penned the nWo Wolfpac theme for Hall and Nash, it was about being cool and allowing them to have swagger on the way to the ring. “With ‘Sexy Boy,’ it was more ‘He thinks he’s cute, he thinks he’s sexy … ‘ It just fit his character that much more.”

Does he think the track played a big role in Michaels becoming a wrestling icon? “Well, I’d like to think so,” says Hart, laughing. “But his work in the ring, him being cool and cocky and [having] great interviews … When he got in the ring, he entertained the people so much. His look, his persona … that’s what really did it. But hopefully  sbo  the song helped a little bit.”


SBO REPORT:Controversial call helps Giants top White Sox, 7-1

SBO REPORT:Controversial call helps Giants top White Sox, 7-1


Depending on the clubhouse, the  sbobet  response to the latest overturned call at home under baseball’s expanded replay system was as debatable as the rule itself.

The Giants scored seven runs in the seventh inning after the replay official overturned an out call at home because they said Chicago catcher Tyler Flowers illegally blocked Gregor Blanco’s path to the plate, and San Francisco went on to beat the White Sox 7-1 on Wednesday.

“We’ll take it,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said.

With one out in the inning, first baseman Jose Abreu fielded Joe Panik’s broken-bat grounder to throw out Blanco by at least six feet. Bochy challenged  sbobet  the play, and umpires ruled Flowers’ left leg was illegally blocking the plate before the ball arrived.

White Sox manager Robin Ventura argued the call and was immediately ejected, setting off an epic protest in which he repeatedly kicked dirt on the plate.

“If you look at the spirit of the rule of what they are trying to do and what it’s actually doing it’s a joke,” said Ventura, who unsuccessfully challenged a similar call at the plate in Chicago’s 3-2 win Tuesday night in San Francisco. “They don’t take into consideration that the guy was out by a longshot.”

San Francisco snapped a five-game losing streak as Jake Peavy (1-3) won for the first time since April 25 with Boston. Peavy had lost 12 consecutive decisions, the longest skid of his career.

Peavy’s friend and former  sbobet  White Sox teammate, Jose Quintana (6-9), took the loss.

“Catching those breaks, feels like I haven’t caught one on my day with any team I’ve pitched for,” Peavy said.

Adam Dunn hit his 19th homer of the season into McCovey Cove in the fourth for Chicago’s only run. It was one of just four hits Peavy allowed in seven innings.

Peavy even changed his uniform number from 43 to 22, which he wore for his high school in Mobile, Alabama. He wore 44 with the San Diego Padres, White Sox and Boston Red Sox.

Perhaps the new look changed his luck.

San Francisco took advantage of the new rule, 7.13, that prohibits catchers from blocking the plate until possessing the ball so runners don’t barrel into them  sbobet . The rule gained traction after Giants catcher Buster Posey’s gruesome injury in May 2011 ended his season blocking the same plate at AT&T Park.

Blanco said Flowers was “definitely” blocking the plate but admitted it’s a tough call. Flowers believes replay officials need to have some flexibility when they make the decision.

“Apparently they are interpreting this extremely black and white with no context,” Flowers said.

The review lasted 4 minutes and 55 seconds, and umpires also allowed Adam Duvall to advance from first to third. But even after being ejected, Ventura came back out to challenge that decision. The play was reviewed again, and umpires told Duvall to go back to second.

Angel Pagan added a  sbobet  two-out, two-run single, and Hunter Pence and Posey each hit RBI singles. The Giants scored two more runs when center fielder Jordan Danks and Dunn also got tangled up in right-center going for Pablo Sandoval’s fly.

Quintana was charged with four runs and four hits in 6 2-3 innings. Reliever Ronald Belisario was tagged for three runs, one earned, and three hits without recording an out.


It was the second time this season Dunn homered off Peavy. The pitcher said if anybody was going to take him deep, he was glad it was his friend. “But I’m sure I’ll have to hear about it,” Peavy said.


White Sox: Pitching coach Don Cooper, who did not make the road trip because of a recurrence of vertigo-like symptoms, is expected to rejoin the team in Chicago on Friday.

Giants: Backup C Hector Sanchez (concussion) was scheduled to   sbobet start behind the plate Wednesday with Triple-A Fresno for the first time during his rehab assignment.


SBO REPORT:Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch under police investigation in alleged assault

SBO REPORT:Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch under police investigation in alleged assault


Seahawks running back  sbobet  Marshawn Lynch is a subject in a suburban Seattle police investigation into an alleged assault and personal property damage, according to multiple reports out of Washington.

“The Bellevue Police Department is in the process of gathering the facts of this alleged incident, including verifying whether or not Mr. Lynch was in fact involved,” a statement released to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said. “No arrests have been made. There is no further information available at this time.”

A female victim told police the alleged incident took place in her Bellevue apartment at 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning, according to the Associated Press. Allegations   sbobet reportedly did not include sexual assault or domestic violence, and the Bellevue PD’s statement clearly demonstrates caution about naming Lynch as a suspect.

Still, the defending champion Seahawks have to be concerned given their 28-year-old running back’s arrest history. While still a member of the Bills, Lynch twice pleaded guilty to misdemeanors — a January 2008 hit-and-run complaint and a February 2009 concealed weapon charge. The latter earned the four-time Pro Bowler a three-game suspension to start the 2010 season, when Buffalo traded him after an 0-4 start.

Just over two weeks after rushing for a touchdown in Seattle’s Super Bowl XLVIII win against the Broncos, Lynch entered a guilty plea for reckless driving following a July 2012 DUI arrest. He received two years probation, and Lynch’s lawyer did not think any suspension would be  sbobet  levied upon his client this season.

While Lynch’s involvement in the incident currently under investigation remains in question, any further charges could potentially result in both a violation of his probation and the league’s personal conduct policy.

Following the fifth 1,000-yard season of his seven-year career, Lynch briefly held out of training camp last month, earning a $1 million raise that will make him the NFL’s third-highest paid running back this year. He participated in Sunday’s  sbobet  practice during the police investigation, and the Seahawks do not practice Monday.